My app is skipping a screen

Hello! I am testing my app on iOs and Android, but the thing is when testing, the app skips a Screen, and I don’t know why. I send an image where the configuration for the button is set (the hightlight section corresponds to the screen and during the test is skipped). Thank you in advance.

Just a few thoughts
Maybe they will help you find the issue, or help others to help you.

You may want to include a little more information by describing it more, adding annotations with circles and arrows, indicating the information flow.

Or, you may find that loom is a faster, easier, more illustrative way to share your issue and get feedback:

I understand that it is skipping the screen that is annotated with a red circle. That’s it.

Any more detail?
You have a lot of buttons… in Spanish, it’s not clear

Which button are we pressing? (Circle it, with a different color. )

Which screens are you going FROM and To?

What is the current action(s) set? Just a link to a screen? or?
Double check your actions.

If you have multiple actions on one button, Adalo has been known, at times, to not complete one action before initiating the next action. Maybe this is happening, and causing it to skip??

In this case, try:

  • deleting an action,
  • adding a blank screen
  • re-add the action to that new blank screen.

In other words, this is a way to split up the actions, and lessen the load on Adalo.
(This may not be an issue with Adalo any longer. I am not sure. I have not experienced it. The above is just a idea.)

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Thank you very much for your reply C3PO. I was using an old version of the app, that was the issue, but what you post here most certainly be helpful in case I see this issue again.

Kind Regards,

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