This is my 3rd time asking for simple assistance about previewer not the same on android and iphone

Hi there,
i have posted the same topic 30days ago and didn’t get answered.

Then i have posted it 14 days ago AGAIN and i was asked to provide screenshots by the support.
After i provided them - my topic was closed again.

This is my 3rd and last time im asking for support on this platform

Can some of the support answer this time ?

After i had to rebuild every screen to look OK from the old builder into the responsive app builder, my app looks different on android phone and iphone compared to what its showing on the previewer

Is there a fix or anything planned to fix this in the near future?

This is how i see it when i click “preview” on my computer:

As you can see, the clock and the battery level + mobile network are visible on the top of the screen as wel as the “Register” orange button on the bottom.

BUT when i copy link and open it (or just log in from) on android phone (huwaei P20) and
iOs (iphone 10x) - this is how i see them:

→ android

→ iPhone

As you can see, the Register button is not visible. And this is for all screens in the app. It is like its not fully stretched like on the preview.

Looking forward to fix this. Thanks for the help.

what differences is it

can you reshare screenshots I’m no support but I had similar issues that I fixed

dm me and ill try help. I can’t promise I can

Can some of the support please answer?

I’d like to know. Does the preview view need updating to better reflect current phone displays?

I had similar issue. I just arranged my page in such way that every thing important can fit into the default space when we create a new screen! try fitting everything in the default aspect ration of the screen —> means dont have a scrollable page!

I found web apps are more squished together due to the black bars at the top or bottom but native apps look more like the preview

i see but this “dont have scrollable pages” cannot be solution. Thats why im still waiting for admin/support to answer our questions

Hello @wizard,

The issue you’re experiencing is due to the difference between the web app version (the version you’re using on your phone) and what a native build of your app would look like (the previewer).

When you click “preview” on your computer, you’re essentially viewing the web app version that is formatted to look like the native build of your application. This previewer version does not have the browser URL field at the top. This is why you’re seeing the clock, battery level, mobile network, and the “Register” button in their respective positions.

On the other hand, when you open your app on an Android or iOS device in a browser, you’re experiencing the web app version of your app. The web app will have the browser url field but the native build will not have the browser URL field or other browser-specific elements, hence the difference in layout.

I understand that this might be confusing, especially when you’re trying to design your app to look consistent across different platforms. However, it’s an inherent difference between web apps and native apps.

To ensure the best user experience, I would recommend designing your app with the native build in mind, as this is what most of your users will likely be interacting with when they download your app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To better test this experience for yourself, submit the builds to Google Play or Apple app store (even just testing tracks) to see how it will look when actually installed on the users’ devices.

Thanks for the detailed answer. That’s what i needed to keep up with the app building.

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