My app is stuck in an infinite loop

I am in a weird situation with adalo right now. A couple weeks ago I had finished my app and in the preview everything was working as intended. When I submitted to the Test Flight, I noticed a bug that appeared on mobile that does not show in the preview on my computer’s mobile view. I am not sure why this is since I have not changed that section in months. This was my first issue. I attempted to fix it or at least re create the problem so I could show the forum some better images. However, When I launch my app I currently get a white screen and I don’t know what to do. The current home screen has a Title, 4 buttons, and a Deck Swiper component and I cannot access any of it on my PC preview (where I am testing) because It only shows a white screen no matter what.

I can now access the Testflight version on my phone instead however I still get the first issue. So I can’t troubleshoot this random bug

I went to INCOGNITO to reset the app so I could preview and show the difference.

This is the PC preview version

Here is the Actual view shown on mobile devices. Not sure whats causing this. I can scroll through the users but within that really tiny window. It cuts the list down to a small sliver and im not sure why

Fix for PC by going to incognito or clearing cache/cookies etc… But is there a way to fix this on a mobile device?

Hi @Tynan_McGrady, could you submit this as a ticket to our support, please. Submit a Support Ticket

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