My database wont display content added through create post button

Whenever i make a post, it indicates that post was created but it shows empty content on my database, Unless i input the content directly into the database. I have checked everything i guess, but i dont seem to find the fault.

as you can see here, then it shows empty on the app.

I cant seem to find the problem.


Make sure to check the screen action or any empty create function on any button.


Recreate the action and get it working with one input. Build up from there.
There is a bug where copied objects loose their reference, but inputs names are still shown in the action.

Wow! This was very helpful. My real submit button was not showing because the button and text inside the button was white threfore blending in with the screen color. I created an external button and it wasnt taking the posts to where it should go. Thanks, i wouldnt have figured it out in a million years.

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