App not creating record correctly

Hi, I’m trying to create an action where users create posts but am having trouble with creating and displaying records.

The list shows all posts when showing all, but shows nothing when filtering by logged in user’s posts

When creating a post, post content remains blank. Any advice?

Hi Wayne,

Can you add some screenshots? Are you adding Logged in user to the relationship property created between Posts and Users.( One to Many)

Thank you

Hi, see here:

The relationship with users:

Some fields I added manually:

The create button (in preview):

The fields after clicking create:

Can you show you create action?

Here you are. Input 2 is the textbox.

Did you try deleting the Create action and adding again trying? And when creating the post you are logged in right?

And are you sure that the Input 2 is the text box? Change that text box name like Post Content for check.

Found the problem, just updating you as well.

The button is a custom, consisting of a label and a rectangle.

The group is where I posted the action I screenshotted, where the rectangle is what is being clicked since it is transparent and moved to the front.

Thank you so much for your time and help, I appreciate it.

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Glad you sorted it and Your Welcome!

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