My first app, BookBoss

Hi all,

I created a book social media app that focusses on connecting book lovers. The app lets people digitise their irl collection and it also gives this collection a value (if available). Users can follow each other, make reading lists, chat, and scan books to find them in the app database. The primary focus is the investment part of books, try to find a hidden gem in your bookshelf. You might have something worth a considerable amount and with BookBoss you can find out.

Please take a look at let me know what you think. Also if anyone knows any better databases for books and their secondary prices please let me know because this is a real struggle.

You can contact me here or at

Thanks in advance!


Yes that amazing because I love to study books.

Awesome to hear! if you want I can let you join the TestFlight beta testing. Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

yeah sure, how can I join?

Go to and leave you email, we will reach out once it’s ready!

Ok thanks for sharing.

Hello! I randomly found this post looking for help with making my app and this is exactly what I was looking to make, a collection/database app and I love your collection value feature. Except I want to do this with makeup and perfume so completely different than books, if you could share with me how you created a large database feature id be so thankful!

I didn’t create the database but found one and used their API. I suggest doing this for you as well to start off. However, long term you will have to create your own database of course.