New- Need some help. Database and comments?

Im new to the app and have been playing around with it for a few hours. I cant seem to really get the type of app im looking to make. I essentially want a database app (for example I create pages with a for each book I want to include in the app, with a post describing the book etc. with a comment and rating section where people can comment what they thought of it and if they recommend it etc.) Id also like to link each book’s page (or post) with a genre so say people who like non fiction can search all the books in my database tagged as nonfiction. Does anyone have any advice on how to create something similar?

I would also like to add a profile feature where you can see each users comments, they can add to a list of their favorite books on their profile and follow other users. I’d really appreciate the help! I’ve had this idea for an app for a while and I’d love to get a start on it

Hi @michmich,

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

So you need a app for search books that everyone adds? Something like this? :

Could you explain a bit more of what you need, so we can help you?

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