Need an Adalo Expert to provide video tutorials for IAPHUB

I am currently listing asocial app on both Google and Apple under one time purchase billing cycle,I want to add monthly and quarterly subscription with IAPHUB, Can anyone tell me:
1.Can I still use my previous bundle ID for the new bundle with IAPHUB subscriptions?
2.Should I set my app as free then select in-app purchase items for the IAPHUB subscriptions on both Google and Apple stores?
3.If I set an IAPHUB pay wall before an Adalo app sign up screen, how to let users to sign up after they make payments with IAPHUB subscriptions? How can users sign up Adalo app with the same password on IAPHUB subscriptions?
4.Adalo experts are welcome to give me a quote to upload a Youtube video tutorial to present how to integrate IAPHUB with an existing Adalo app step by step and solve the issues mentioned above.