PragmaFlow needs help re:IAP subscription (and all other IAP)

Happy holidays. I needed a break from the complex stuff and saw some people talking about IAP subscriptions, so I built a component to manage IAP+Subscriptions, HOWEVER, I don’t have an Adalo app setup for IAPs.

If anyone is available to help me get the IAP+Subscriptions to the masses I’d appreciate it.

There is a catch, the component needs a webserver, so we went with IAPHUB. Their sandbox is free, their production stuff starts at $29/mo, so to use the component will need an IAPHUB subscription.

I’m looking for someone who already has IAP configured or is willing to do the legwork to configure it, is willing to use IAPHUB (, and is willing to share their apk or abb with me if debugging is needed, unless you have Android Studios and XCode setup and know how to get logs.

Anyone interested in helping us get iap subscriptions into Adalo?


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