Need help after get distance API and back to calculate again but it’s not work

Hello community,

I got some trouble with Google map api to get distance,

First of all I made it to get distance and calculate the price but when I back to input again it’s not work , not sending the next page which got the price calculate result. ( now I need to clear the app again and renter to make it work each time

I’m not sure it’s about the button to calculate of not becuase I make an eror page which when sometime the map input not found the place it’s will send the eror page. this button has 4 condition to send to each page that set up different formula to calculate.

Thank a lot to Adalo team, you made small company can have opportunity to fight with tech company here.
If someone in the team come to travel bangkok please let me know I would like to buy some good dinner here. Love you guys and this community :heart:

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