Looking for someone to fix few things


Anybody would be available to help me ?

I would like to fix few things in my application:

  • list events when picking a date
  • have a pop up notification as soon as an event is coming soon
  • improve pictures sharing/dowloading - be able to select multiple photo to upload/download

I guess it is possible to fix that in 1 or 2 hours, let me know your price and if you know that you can find solutions for me :slight_smile:
Many thanks !


JSYK, item #3 upload is not possible in Adalo today. Item #3 download requires a customer components which I do not think exists. Item #2 is not overly simple with the current state of Adalo. You can use the component build by @knight on his store (I think it was Knight with the countdown timer), but even that, the user needs to be in in part of the app that runs the timer, or the timer needs to be on every page.

Item #1 sounds simple enough to tackle.

Not bidding on the project, just metering expectations for you and whichever expert comes along.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and info, very helpful

Hey, I should be able to help you out. Please share the link to your Adalo app so I can understand it a bit better.

#1 Is surely possible
#2 I may have a possible solution
#3 as TKOTC mentioned, is not currently possible.

Please note that for number 3 it is not possible but what i can do is that the user select one photo upload it and then it come to a bottom side of the screen and the user can keep selecting photo and photo until they are and done and upload it