Need help in payment page

Hello I need help in payment page for adding user name & address.

Hello, I’ll be happy to help!

Ho can you help me and how much you charge

Can you please provide more details about the issue? This is my email address:

Thank you!

Hi @nitinakolia,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

You mean you have added the stripe component on the screen and you need to add a way that the user should enter the name and address before the payment? Maybe some screenshots or a video of your current setup?

Thank you

Hello, can please provide more information about your issue?

Thank you!

Yes due to indian law they wanted to add Customer name & address for payment

Nitin Akolia

Okay, what component are you using for payments in your app?


Nitin Akolia

Okay, so you would like to collect the user’s name and address before paying through stripe. Right?

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