New Stripe Components

Hey Adalo Community!

It has come to our attention that the Legacy Stripe Components have been failing and because we are no longer able to offer support on the Legacy components we want to encourage everyone to transition to the new Stripe Components as soon as possible to prevent any further inconvenience.

We apologize for any frustration this may have caused and while we did post in our Changelog about the launch of the new Stripe Components earlier this year, we did not continue to announce it as we were working through some bugs and additional changes that were needed.

We have revamped our Stripe Help Docs to reflect the updates made to the components and they should answer any questions you may have in getting these set up.

Currently there are no known bugs with the new components, so if you experience any issues setting them up, please ensure you have removed all Legacy components from your app and updated the URI information within your Stripe account.

Thanks again for your patience!



Hi J
Thanks for the update

I have not needed the stripe component until now but recall reading on the forum about a private key being exposed.

Can you confirm that is no longer the case?

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Hello, if there an error, I opened a ticket and they closed it because they couldn’t reproduce the error (1004630688) but with Stripe Subscription in live mode, when a user creates and pays for a subscription, that card is not marked as "default payment method " and that implies that in the next payment Stripe has nowhere to make the charge.

Now I have to manually log into Stripe after each new customer to “manually” mark that card as the Default Payment Method.

(In test if it works fine)

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Your new stripe marketplace component is also not working because there is no parameter to pass the customer information like name and address. I already submitted a ticket for this way back but in reply, I received “currently this is not in our roadmap”

But stripe team mentioned to use the marketplace component you need to pass the customer information correctly.

Hi @ishantanusrivastava,

It would be very helpful if you can add a feature request here: Adalo | Feature Requests and we will definitely prioritise it as soon as it’s possible.

Hi @Rozza,

Could you please DM us with the forum post that you’re referring to? Happy to clear that up.

Thank you!