Need help with my data base

Hi everyone, I need help with my app’s database. I am creating an app for pet lovers where users can list their pets etc. I specifically need to optimize the product page where the users can list the pets and add specific details. I also need this to be aligned in the database. I’d appreciate all the help I can get.

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I can get you pointed in the right direction.
First off, you’ll have find / hire an expert, or build it yourself.

I suggest learning to build, especially this app. This isn’t too difficult.
If you are completely new, you could probably learn to build this in a couple hours.

Youtube and Adalo documentation are your friends :wink:

Here is a good intro tutorial to Adalo:
I think he is using an older version of Adalo. But, it is still 99.9% good.

To find the documentation:
Click on the circle on the bottom right, in the app editor, to find the documentation.
It’s actually pretty beginner friendly.

About databases in general:

Think of your database like files inside folders, inside of folders, on your computer.

Now, replace the word “Folder” with “Collection”.
And, replace the word “files” with the word “property”

I made a quick sample of a database to give you an idea.
However, you will still want to learn.
It may take a few tries to get the organizing correct.
Don’t worry. Delete and try again. It’s normal.

You will also need to learn about “relationship” and “forms”. Search those terms.

Good luck and have fun!

Thank you greatly! This really goes a long way, I have watched the Crash course tutorial a few times, and just like you said, I’d probably have to fail and fail until I get a hang of it. But thank you for helping. Cheers!

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You will save a lot of time, if for the first few attempts, you don’t add a lot of Animals or content. Focus on learning lists, actions, data base, relationships, images.

Build, learn, delete, wash, repeat. The app will get better, and you will get faster each time.

If you need help in the forum, share screen shots of your data base, actions, and a screen or two. It will be much easier to communicate, and get help :smiling_face:

Another way to organize the info:

Thank you so much. I must confess, its pretty confusing but I am taking each page one day at a time. If you are willing to help and support, I’d appreciate it, I pretty much just need help with tidying up the database and relationships. I am clear on the design and strategy. You can share an email or WhatsApp number for contact if you wish.

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I installed the ecomm template because it has a feature for those who want to buy or sell accessories, so the database got that installed. Do you think I should delete that and create the one you shared?or I continue with that?

I think you should use the one I just shared… I’ll share it again…below…

In this way, you can literally add as many dogs as you want. ( poodles, pitbulls, etc…) All the dog types become “records”. NOT properties.

You would make another collection for Fish. Inside, you would add properties in the same way. Name, fish type, size, birthday, etc.) Then, all of your users would add their pets, as records.

Hopefully that makes sense. Keep trying. It will “click” . Back to the folder metaphor: you just need to orient your brain, with the termonalogy, wtih what folder, is inside of what folder.

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One collection for colors only. Why, because you can add these colors to EVERY animal / EVERY collection. So, you only need to do it once. This is where you would add a relationship.

Watch more videos. Take breaks… It will sink in. Then, you will be happy.

I think you should NOT use templates. There is too much going on. Make simple simple apps with 2 screens, a couple animals, a couple animal types, a couple colors, a couple users. That’s it. Keep it simple until you grasp those ideas. It’s very rewarding once you get it.

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One last thought. I need to get going.

You can use “simple lists” == you’ll find it when you add a list.

Then, keep it even more simple to start. Try only using 2 properties:

  1. Dog name
  2. Dog image

That’s it. Don’t use “dog type”, “birthday” no no no . Keep it super super simple.

Just use “simple lists”.
Only do dogs. No other animals.

Make that 1 screen app work. Then, you can make a new app.

Slowly make it more and more complex, more properties, different types of lists etc. I think that will be a good path forward. AGAIN, just use simple lists. (top left, below ) Until you get it.

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FireShot Capture 448 - Pettify -
I tried sharing this earlier but being a new user, I was restricted to the no. of replies.

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Hiiiii, I need help right. I’ve created the database for each pet. Now the challenge is the form. I want a single form but depending on the answers, it categorizes the information to the right database

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Ok - First off, I think you mean, “Collection”.
Your database is all of your collections together. (in one app)

Don’t use the info below as directions as to HOW to build / organize your database.
I am not an expert. I simply want to show you that you have options. i.e. Lots of forks in the road.

This is why it’s so important to know the OUTCOME, first.

Focus on the USER, what is the end result. They are trying to get a job done.
It might be worth writing this out on pen and paper, first.

With that said,

The way Adalo works, simply put:
1 form (input) = 1 collection (storage) = 1 list (display)

So, you have these options: (basically)

  1. You can put multiple kinds of animals into 1 collection = One form. simple.


  1. You can multiple collections, one collection for each kind, and connect them using “Relationships” = 1 form. Simple / intermediate.


  1. You can create a collection for each kind of animal,
    and use a form for each kind of animal. (1 form for each collection) = multiple forms. Simple.

This is why it is important to know the outcome first. Maybe you do. I / the forum doesn’t.
If you want very precise directions, you will need to share screen shots OR sketches of what the outcome / what you are trying to achieve.

Questions to answer when you sketch:
What does the main menu look like, …what are ALL of the questions (inputs) on each form, … what buttons are on which screens… What people can look at which screens. Can all users look at all the animals?.. or can you (1 person) only look at your 1 animal.

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You can send me a Direct Message - So we don’t clog the forum.

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I think you should start with something small & FINISH it.

So, I built an app. And you should try to copy it / recreate it yourself.
It is 3 screens, with 1 kind of animal, you can upload multiple birds, and details about the bird.
If you get stuck with this, I can help you, because I know what it is doing :wink:

Yes, it is stupid. But, it will give you a chance to understand more of the details, without getting lucky or lost.

NOTICE: I deleted the signup and signin screens. But, I created one user record. You may copy this style, or just work with what Adalo gives you, when you start a new app. Either way is ok.

I think this will be plenty challenging. Try it. Let me know if you have questions. you may DM me.

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