Need Help With OAuth (Speak To Me Like I'm Dumb--Because I Am)

Hi all,

I am trying to have 30 second previews of tracks from Spotify in my Adalo webapp using Spotify’s Get Track feature (link below). In order to do so, I need an OAuth Token which I have a very vague understanding of since pre-Adalo the last bit of coding I’d done was my MySpace layout. I can get the Get Track feature to work just fine in terms of figuring out the IDs and whatnot if I just click Get Token and then Request. However, (if I understand correctly) since that OAuth Token is linked to my personal Spotify account, it couldn’t/shouldn’t be used for someone else with a different Spotify account, right?

If so, how do I generate OAuth Tokens for anyone who might signup in my Adalo app to make sure the 30 sec previews appear correctly for them? I know that in the Spotify for Developers platform, it mentions being able to add 25 users in development mode and I understand how to add them there, but I guess what I’m not quite understanding is how to then have the Get Track OAuth Token update for each user anytime they come across the 30 sec previews in my Adalo app. Or whether that’s even necessary.

As I mentioned, I have no idea what I’m talking about clearly, so if anyone is able to help break this down for me, I’d appreciate it. I really would love not to get sued by Spotify and Google used too many tech words for me to understand.