How to connect Adalo with Spotify API to play songs on a specific playlist

Hi, I’m a newbie to the Adalo, now I’m looking for any advise to 1)connect Adalo with Spotify API 2)pull songs from a specific playlist 3)play songs on the app.

Any advise will be appreciated:)

  1. I went though these resources, but I’m not sure what I should input in the “Auth Setup” in the step 1 to connect Adalo with Spotify API. I’ve set up my developer account on Spotify. Web API Reference | Spotify for Developers

2)I’m wondering how I can play songs from this playlist Spotify

3)I’m wondering how I can use the Audio player like this once I figured out 1) and 2). Audio Player - Adalo Resources

I’d appreciate if you can give me advice on 1) — feel like 2) and 3) can be sorted out if 1) can:)

Thanks for your help in advance:pray:

The way I see how Spotify API works, I believe you will not be able to use it with Adalo :frowning:
I spent a lot of time trying to make a Firebase API works, which also uses OAuth Authentication (described here Client Credentials Flow | Spotify for Developers), but I couldn’t make it work properly. Adalo’s API feature is very limited and works only with simple authentication methods where you pass a token in the API url or through an Authentication header.
Sorry for the bad news… hope I am wrong and you can make it work.


Hey Yudai, I am working on an app for a country-rock musician buddy of mine and we were trying to do the same thing. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

  1. I was able to successfully connect to Spotify’s API using (Helpful tutorial: create SPOTIFY API to fetch Tracks · Artists · Albums & Playlists - YouTube)

  2. The tracks API of Spotify only gives you a 30-second preview of the song, not the full audio.

Because of the 30-second mp3 preview only, I ditched the Spotify API and just used the audio player with an mp3 database collection.

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Has anyone noticed any recent developments on the Spotify API? I have a similar use case to @yudai and am hoping to build from within Adalo.