Need logical thinkers! Creating multiple recurring events - similar to Outlook?

Hello! I’ve been trying to figure this out for DAYS and might be throwing in the towel. Wondering if someone out there smarter than me can help out. :exploding_head:

I’m trying to create a scheduling tool, much like MS Outlook’s ‘set recurrence’ feature.

Here are the entries that a user would enter:

  • The start and end dates (between which the events would repeat)
  • The start and end times for each meeting block
  • Check boxes for the days of the week when this needs to reoccur
  • And lastly, a number to indicate the cadence (i.e. ‘2’ or bi-weekly in this case)
  • Not pictured: The user set the meeting time on a previous screen. For example, if they set 30 mins, then I want to create as many 30 min. blocks that will fit between the two times. In this case, there would be four 30 min. slots in the 12 - 2pm block.

Some things I set up on the side:

  • There is a collection for ‘Individual Meetings’ to capture each new meeting occurrence as it is created.
  • Created a separate collection to capture a Counter to count the number of blocks I needed to book in total, in order to get some sort of recursive logic in Button Actions (like this: How to implement scheduling - #4 by karimoo)

Found this too in case it helps: How to derive weekdays from a date

I FEEL like there is a creative, logical way to solve this… Anyone out there have some ideas? Thank you!!

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I think this is very hard to make tbh, if not simply impossible yet.

I actually think I figured it out! Took a lot of math modeling…

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