Newbie question - create a weekly recurring event with check in for each instance of the event


please excuse my ignorance given that I’m an Adalo newbie but am having trouble solving a problem that I feel should be solvable.

Does anyone know how I can create an event and make it recurring on a weekly basis and create separate ticketing/checkin functionality for these recurring events?

It’s easy enough to do this for a one off event but can’t seem to find a way to create a recurring event or create ticketing for each instance of the recurring event.

best wishes

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Im also a newbie and also interested in this fanction -
so from my perspective its more like - every recurring event will be a new entry in the database that will be populate automaticly based on the recurring furmulla that was enterd - for example recurring: every month, first event date: DD-MM-YYY, Stopper recurring: End-date or # of events

is that make sens to others?

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