Need to confirm something with Change Visibility

Hiya guys, just wanted to confirm if Changing the visibility on a group that has say an opacity set to less than 100, that if the condition becomes true and makes the group visible, it also sets the visibility back to 100 for that group?

Know what I mean?

Hi @tbel,

As I know “Sometimes visible” should work in a way that the element(s) are either present on screen, or they are not displayed at all.
If you have Opacity setting for the elements inside the group, this setting won’t change at all.

Best regards, Victor.

Interesting, might be a bug then as I thought the same. The first time I tried it, it worked well retaining the opacity, but then suddenly stopped respecting the opacity value of the group. I resorted to changing the opacity of the individual component which isn’t ideal, but that worked. Strange.

Thx for the reply

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Well, this looks like a bug… if it is reproduce-able, you can leave a request on Submit a Support Ticket


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