New default mobile screen size in Adalo 'Responsive' (390x982)

When you add a new screen in Adalo after the “Responsive feature” was released, the blank mobile app that is much bigger than before, specially Height (dimensions below).

Screens sizes:
Adalo (Responsive): 390 x 982
Adalo (before Responsive): 372 x 667

Some questions:

  1. Is there a reason for this, what made Adalo increase the screen size when Responsive was released?
  2. With the screen being now much largers seems like I’d need to be careful not to fully use the entire space, otherwise on mobile phones with small screens content could be “chopped”. Overall, what consideration should I take?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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+1 I’m also interested to know this :slight_smile: Moreover, the default Desktop screen size is also different (1512 instead of 1200 as I remember).

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Yes, I’m also interested. This current size is uncomfortable to design.

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