Adalo Preview Mode - custom screen size?

Hey there!

I’m building a native tablet app with Adalo (optimized for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 in landscape mode) and in the preview mode of the Adalo editor I can’t find a custom screen size.

What I’d like to set as a screen size for the previw mode is:
Width = 1000px
Height = 600px
(Landscape mode)

Is that possible? If yes, how?

Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the community.

After searching, and trying, I don’t see an option to do this.
Standard sizes is probably a good thing, to keep things simple & working.
Hopefully, you’ll get a more definitive answer. or, find a way to work with the given sizes.

I think I remember Bubble allowing you to go with custom sizes.

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Hi Lucas,

Earlier there was Galaxy Tab and Ipad in the previewer. And then Adalo has removed them. Read here.

Not sure if they add them again.

Thank you


Thanks for checking!!
Yeah likewise, I can’t find an option to do this either.

And building a landscape tablet app with the iPhone portrait preview mode… is not really working obviously, since the app looks completely different than it is supposed to be.

Thanks for pointing this out! What a pity…

Is there any official statement why they removed this feature?

So I guess it doesn’t make sense to use Adalo if I want to build a tablet app… will need to look for an alternative in that case.

because we don’t actually support iPad or Tablet so it was misleading to have those options there.

I think because of this. Maybe in the future

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