📣 New FREE Boglex app template (YouTube)

Hello guys!
We just posted a new FREE app template on our site! It’s a much simpler YouTube version with a modern design.

In this template you have the following systems:

  • Subscribe / unsubscribe system
  • System of likes & unlikes
  • Playlist system
  • History videos
  • Custom username input
  • Force unique username
  • Custom delete page (Apple)
  • Beautiful UI design

Check here: www.boglex.de/shop


WOW! This looks so nice!

Great design :heart_eyes:

Thank you @James_App_Maker

Nice. The add to cart button doesn’t work…

Very good!! I’m working on an app like youtube too

That’s great @Renan ! Our free template may help you.

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Thanks @alexbarciog !