New table in Xano not showing in Adalo

I have created a new app on top of a xano database using the advanced app creation where it connects at the start with Xano and uses it as the database.

I got the login and able to work with the tables I initially added to my Xano db.

But, I needed a few more tables to complete my app. I added a new table, made sure it has an api for it on the Xano side, tested the api by querying it and adding records (outside of adalo).

I cannot get this table to show up in Adalo! I try to “Import Xano Collections” but doesn’t show any new tables.

My API base URL is correct but … nothing. Will not show me any of the new tables as collections. Very frustrated.

Same issue here - @xano & @Adalo_CXTeam can you please help ?

I’ve had similar issues. Seems to be a bit better now but it isn’t consistent. Works better with new tables but not additional endpoints beyond the standard CRUD ones you create if you check the box on creating a new table.