New table in Xano not showing in Adalo

I have created a new app on top of a xano database using the advanced app creation where it connects at the start with Xano and uses it as the database.

I got the login and able to work with the tables I initially added to my Xano db.

But, I needed a few more tables to complete my app. I added a new table, made sure it has an api for it on the Xano side, tested the api by querying it and adding records (outside of adalo).

I cannot get this table to show up in Adalo! I try to “Import Xano Collections” but doesn’t show any new tables.

My API base URL is correct but … nothing. Will not show me any of the new tables as collections. Very frustrated.

Same issue here - @xano & @Adalo_CXTeam can you please help ?

I’ve had similar issues. Seems to be a bit better now but it isn’t consistent. Works better with new tables but not additional endpoints beyond the standard CRUD ones you create if you check the box on creating a new table.

I am experiencing the same issue…

I have the same issue.

I started fresh in Xano creating my collection. Only the default Authentication and User database shows in Adalo, other tables/collection does not show.

If I copypaste the API Group Base URL on a webbrowser all tables/database CRUD endpoints show. Looks like issue is in Adalo.

Hope Adalo and Xano advise us on this ASAP.

Hi @Wanderman ,

In case you haven’t already, could you please Submit a New Support ticket so we can properly take a look at it and help determine what’s causing this issue?

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Ticket submitted. Thank You.


Thank you for your email. Looks like I managed to resolved it. There is a bit of change on UI from video tutorials. But I figured it out. Thanks.


What was the fix Adrian?

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Hi Tim, after re-watching this video tutorial , I managed to find where my fault was. @4:15 videoclip, only 2 endpoints shows after copypasting the API based URL, however after clicking next button, all other created tables show up.

My real issue now, is how to get my head around in “relationship properties”. I am so used to Adalo relationship, and I find Xano completely different. Hopefully, I’ll find more resources how to get my head around this. I re-do my all my collections in Xano, but the properties of collections does not look right in Adalo =(

Best of luck to you, hope it will be sorted. Maybe send ticket on their technical support, so they can specifically look after your issue.