Xano External DBs and multiple apps within Adalo

NOTE: Sorry if this has already been discussed in other topics. Please share links or let me know and I’ll keep looking

Here’s the situation: I’m using Xano as my backend/db and Adalo as my frontend. I’ve set up an app with external user auth/login, Xano tables, AND Adalo tables (reason for this is due to the frontend limitations with APIs). I now want to create an admin dashboard app, but don’t know if to create it as a shared database app or simply a new external database app (connected to the same Xano tables).

  1. Doing the shared database app doesn’t let me authenticate the user and won’t let me do a similar setup to my original app (with the API calls and whatnot).

  2. Doing a new external database app would make it so that I can’t reference the Adalo tables in the admin app – which would be less than ideal.

Is my only option to do (2)? Is this just a limitation of the Adalo-Xano integration? Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

  • Pablo