New to Adalo - Need help connecting external API


I’m new to Adalo, so I could really use some help :slight_smile:

I run an automation agency, using GoHighLevel as my primary software.

I want to create no-code (web)apps for my clients, for internal use.

Therefore I want to use the GoHighLevel CRM (with all contact information) as the data source for my Adalo app.

I’m struggling to connect the API to my Adalo app.
Can someone point me in the right direction, does anyone maybe have time for a zoom call, to help me set this up?

API documentation of GHL: API 2.0 Overview | Integrations API

I greatly appreciate it!

Kind regards,

Hi @LucJ ,
I use GHL. It’s not possible for now to integrate directly Adalo with GHL, you need an integrator like Zapier or Integromat/Make to perform this.

Adalo does not support Oauth2.0 authorizations yet.