Connection Adalo to Public API


I would like to connect my application to APIs.

First, How to do this with Adalo? Do we need to install plugin or anything else ?

Secondly, Is it that the data of the APIs I want to connect must be stored in a database or we can display directly the results in our application without going through a database.

Hey @Bach,

To start with: APIs are available on paid plans starting from Professional: Plans & Pricing | Adalo. You don’t need to have any plugins installed, the feature is built-in.

There are 2 ways you can integrate with external API.

First way is External Collections - when you would like to use some external database to store data of your Adalo app. Here is the help section which describes the functionality: External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources

Second way is Custom Actions - when you would like to send some request to external API and get a response. This is described here: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources.
Answering your second question, the resulting data from a Custom Action is available in subsequent actions (e.g. you can add another action after and use results from the Custom action). However if you would like to use this data later on, you will need to store it somewhere - be it a database or even some input for temporary storage.

Hope this helps.