No clic on button list is turned into a list

Hello, something very strange is happening to me with a button that is turned into a list, it turns out that it does not work when I click on it but if I do it with my two fingers at the same time if it works … what am I doing wrong?

I hope someone can help me
Thanks in advance

Hola me esta sucediendo algo muy raro con un botón que esta convertido en lista, resulta que no funciona cuando hago click en el pero si lo hago con mis dos dedos al mismo tiempo si funciona… que estaré haciendo mal?

Ojalá alguien me pueda ayudar.
Gracias de antemano

I’ve noticed the same thing when turning a button into a list, I think it’s a bug or overlooked. Just created a rectangle with text in it and style it the same way as your other buttons and turn that into a list, then it will work.

Good luck!


Thanks @Briggsy i will try.

Did you noticed that the button works if you click on it with 2 fingers?

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