When I add a button to a list, it is not replicating? Does anyone know why?

Spent a few hours on this. See in the picture… the icon just stays on the first section of the list and doesn’t repeat all the way down?

Have you been moving the icon around using the keyboard? The icon might not be part of the list. Use the mouse to drag the icon away from the list, then drag it back into the list.

Nope, that didn’t work :frowning: have tried closing everything and even starting again. I just dragged it from the button list and brought it over with just the mouse.

when you click on the list and go to components, do you see the icon inside there?

Yup! I do, I see “Icon 2” there but I don’t think that makes any difference. Everything else exactly the same as your screen shot.

Just delete the list and start again. Sometimes that Solves these odd glitches for me

I did try that… is it possible it’s just there down the list but just not visible?

It’s possible, have you tried opening the previewer to check?

Haven’t really got that far in my build yet I’m still learning haha but I was just following along with a YouTube vid and noticed mine wasn’t doing that. Is yours currently doing the duplicate buttons ok?

Ok, so I just figured it out and previewed and it seems to be working. Maybe the YouTube video I was following along with just had the old version or Adalo or I’m doing something else wrong. Interested to see if yours shows the duplicate buttons in design (non-preview) mode?

Thanks a bunch for all your help! :slight_smile:

Yes showed the duplicates in editor mode for me. A bit strange but at least it’s working :slight_smile:

I ended up trying it out on a different browser and did exactly the same thing and found out that it works on Chrome but not Safari! So I’m just using Chrome now because who knows what other things aren’t working on Safari.

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