No PDF export option?

Adalo is beautiful and stunning but its not perfect it seems. I have come a long way to know adalo has no print pdf option on its own. Stop recommending to another pricy integration like zappier. I have built a hotel billing app and that create 10000s of bill daily. For that, I need to pay 30usd for adalo and 69usd for zappier for every month. The client will terminate the project it seems.

How can a premium design app that doesn’t have a create pdf option??? this is really strange and surprising !!!

I love adalo but I need to see for other no-code builders it seems. If anyone got other ideas than integration for creating pdf, please help me. You can even help me with compete free create pdf integrations(but I didn’t find any)

Thanks in advance !!!


Hi @Selvamax,

With all my respect, I doubt that you can find free tool to generate 10 000+ PDFs daily.

Adalo is not a PDF generation app, is is an application builder platform for building mobile apps. If you need the PDF generation capabilities, there are plenty of services which allow you to generate PDFs: for example,, or, and many others.

With Adalo Custom actions, you may be able to work with this services either directly, or via 3rd party integrations like Zapier or Integromat (btw it is cheaper than Zapier). For example, here you can see the how-to describing Integromat+Eledo integration: Create a PDF from a record in Adalo - Adalo Resources

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.


Ha ha very funny !!! are we calling ms word as a pdf generate app since it has pdf export ??? Generating pdf is kind of a mandatory function for all app builders as well as it just a basic function. Now, generating pdf became an additional business for adalo like platforms where we have to spend another 60usd per month to just save the pdf for the backup. We have to stop recommending other integrations and make adalo team to build this feature by default. Imaging if we are building for mid-level companies which create 10000s of data per session and suddenly if data loss happens??. Anyway I m not offending but how many days recommending third party integrations…adalo support is very weak… thanks for the help and your time…

Dear @Selvamax,

When you find an automated service, which can generate 10000s PDFs daily (which means a limit of over 300 000 PDFs per month), and if this service is free, please be so kind to share it here. I am sure everyone will benefit from this knowledge.

Just in case, as you have decided to compare it to MS Word: if it takes 5 seconds to open file and generate PDF in MS Word, generating 10000 pdfs will take more than 13 hours of work.

I am not sure how backup is related to your original topic, as you have asked about generating hotel bills documents.

If you explore the options I’ve offered in my pervious message, you can find alternatives to your current setup, priced at various ranges.

If you would like to suggest to have additional features included in Adalo, like the one you think should be mandatory, you can leave your suggestion here Feature Requests | Adalo.

There is also an option to build a private component which generates PDFs and add it to your app. The components are built on React Native, so may be you can build it by yourself or hire a software developer to do it.

Also, I don’t quite understand how Adalo support is related to you question and why do you consider it to be “very weak”. Please note, that this forum is not an official support channel. Here app makers and experts spend their free time to help each other, giving advices, solving problems and sharing the experience. Would you require an official support, please submit a support ticket.



I think it is about time for you to up your game to code solution or more complex no code tools.

But if Adalo is generous to have it as built-in component, that would be a nice addition and certainly more grateful.


its not we are going to print 10000 records in a row, the app will be used for online ordering. I think you are not getting my point. Exporting to excel or pdf is a basic and must-have option for all app buildings(no-code). Will you use an excel app without save option?? this is like if google sheets giving u an option only to save in their cloud but not letting us to save each sheets, in that case, google sheets will get forbidden. What I am trying to convey is that adalo should consider providing the pdf export option as a component tool inside app builder. A wise business is to provide basic functionalities by the company itself but paying extra for a basic option is not a good thing. Here in India, all billing apps allow us to generate pdf copies of each bill create on a day to the specific folder.

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