No works on android the google sign-in component

Why does the component signing in with a gmail account not work on android? Is there an error? It is configured correctly and does not work. I downloaded other applications made with Adalo and that use this component and neither theirs work.

People are having some trouble with this component, there are a number of threads on the forums where people are discussing it, that would be a good place to start:

I just checked out a lot of people complaining that it’s not working and Adalo doesn’t do anything.

In this recent thread for example, Reyaas is suggesting a solution that worked for him. Worth having a look and trying.

Please if you are going to answer like a robot do not answer. His App is web he put the same web client id in the iOS client id section and compile, in other words, he was wrong. I REPEAT AGAIN THE COMPONENT IS A PROBLEM.

Bud, I don’t work for Adalo just giving a few friendly pointers in my own time. You need to submit a support ticket to Adalo if you need help with a bug.

I’ve replied to your other thread with a lot of detail on how to set up your dropdowns etc. If you think it’s a bug submit a support ticket. If it’s something else, posting screenshots is helpful so that people can know exactly what the problem is, rather than give an answer that is irrelevant to or misunderstanding your situation.

Hope you manage to solve it, if you’re sure it’s a bug then a support ticket is a must.

Closing due to numerous repeat topics