Paid Help Request - Today Preferred - Apple Sign-In troubleshooting

Hello! Let me know if this post is against the forum rules, but we need to hire an Adalo expert for a quick project.

We have a live app in both stores and are trying to now bring in Google and Apple sign-in capabilities. We were successfully able to get Google Sign-in to work, but have hit a snag on Apple sign-in.

We need to ship this out as soon as possible and would love to hop on a zoom today.

Pay - $100/hr with $100 minimum.


Hi Thomas,

What problems are you having with the Apple Sign-In component?

You could always submit a support ticket.

Help Docs: Sign in with Apple - Adalo Resources

Hey James! I always love your quick forum responses!

We’ve gone through the help doc half a dozen times now, but with no success. I’ve been bombarding support with other critical needs so I thought I’d offload this one to hiring an expert!

Our issue - everything seems to work as we get the green checkmark (see gif below), but it doesn’t actually do anything. It doesn’t sign the user in or it doesn’t sign them up. And yes, we have the actions built out to move the user forward to the home screen.

Here’s a preview of the issue:

Hi Thomas,

Did you try using a different email?

Sure have! Tried three different apple accounts.

Submit a support ticket and I’ll have someone from the team look at it if they have a chance.

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