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I’ve been using glideapps for 1 year now but the main limitation they have is constantly needing to be connected to the Internet and all the issues attached…

How much information is possible to store on the apps submitted to the stores via Adalo? Can the apps work offline at some degree?

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Hey @valente, I think it doesn’t matter which solution you use to build your app. The key is how you’re storing your data and serving it to your users.

If you’re using Adalo or Glide’s native database solution, then yes, you’ll definitely need internet connection for the app to work, since the data is dynamic and real-time.

But if you’re uploading all your data onto your screens, then the app can work offline.

I think you’re asking if it’s possible for your app to use the local DB instead of the real-time DB. ie. use the storage space on the user’s phone instead of retrieving data from Adalo or Glide’s real-time DB. I believe that’s not possible yet in Adalo, but perhaps @Colin could confirm.

Indeed it is not possible yet.

I think the feature request most associated to offline-apps is a way to “sync” the data when the user does get online.

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Thanks for the quick reply @vancewong and @Colin

@vancewong when you mention that I can upload data onto the screens would I be able to upload mp3 and images so that they would be available offline?


Yup. You can upload audio files and images and make them available offline.

For audio files, make sure to install the component before you can use it. It’s in the component marketplace.

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