Native Apps - do they work offline

Hi Everyone,

I know I am asking a lot of questions, I am a total newbie to Adalo and I understand Adalo is a new startup, but I can’t seem to find the answer in the forum.

Can the native Apps be used offline? EG: A checklist can be filled out when when not in range and when they get into range the data Syncs.

Is this possible?


@Ben !! can you please answer the question? I also need to know.

Not currently - they rely on the internet connection to render all information and there is no local cache storage we can use.

There is a feature request for offline purposes though - vote for it if you think it’ll be helpful.


Upvoted :grinning: :grinning:

Unfortunately, this might be a deal breaker for me. I am truly loving Adalo and this could have been my total solution, but alas I will keep looking.

Offline native apps is a huge deal, many people travel, many people in the business world want offline and sync options. I know for information only, the PWA does have offline, but this is not the function I need.


I totally agree! Keeping my fingers crossed this gets added soon! :grinning:

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