Offset of elements on the homepage

Hello, the image and video elements are systematically shifted on the homepage and this shift is changing depending on the smartphone model in the preview, can someone help me?

This is how it looks like:

Can I have a look at the component property side? Is that a group?

Hi, no it’s not a group, it’s a custom list

Ok so those components are not properly aligned into the list. Custom lists are tricky to stretch and move, you should use the right-upper corner to resize the list, otherwise, all the alignment will mess app. I would suggest to create a custom list from scratch, first build the group, and then make that group as a list. In this way, allignement lines for your list will coincide with the group

ok thanks :+1:, i will try that solution and tell if it worked :wink:*

Super it worked :+1: . By the i had another question, i was wondering if there was a way to allow payment between users on the app? i could’nt find any solution on the market place and i really need that feature for my app. Have you an idea of how i could do ?

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