Adalo screens; positioning and alignements

Hi, apologize for double"posting" but my matter is to me quite urgent, and it surprises me I seem to be the only one with the issue?

When a screen is created in the creator, on my app it is hard to get it to look as I’d like it to look. I thought it would adjust by itself according to screen size of the user, but for me it does not. My text boxes are together as they’re supposed to be, but totally out of place. See attachment for example, picture one shows how I want it to be, and how it appears in creator. Picture two shows how it does in fact appear on an iPhone 12 Pro screen.

What component are you using to create the list at the top?

There’s a rectangle, on top of that an image-box and a text-box.

Show me the Edit Styles settings for each component.

Nothing special about them as I can see, I have each rectangle, image and text-box grouped separately and the four groups have the same Edit Style settings.

Screenshot 2021-09-05 at 04.54.34

And this is WITH invisible boxes in between.

Instead of independent components, why not make a list?

First, put a box on the page and take your products into the empty box you placed. After selecting and grouping all of them with the mouse, press the “buttom” button and let me know.

In the bottom a box, and then on top of that box I put the self-made list?

I am now trying this, how do I get the list to link to what I want it to link to? In this case I want that when you press on an object in the list it takes you to a new page with more information about the object in the list. Like facebook, instagram, www…

annotate the objects in a different page and put a button under each object and link it to the pages where you have the object description

@Applicationspeciali Are you describing how to connect information to a list or how to do the method you first mentioned with the box first, then the information. Confused.

@Applicationspeciali @Shunsuke

I appreciate both of your time, I am now figuring it out through lists. Thank you.

Hi again,

here I tried to pull it off with a list. As you can see the disalignment still exists! Frustrating.
(right picture is what creator shows - left picture is preview mode, my phone shows the same image)

Any tip?