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Hi everyone! I just create an App and I want to create a button in the App when user click on that button it should take them to my website privacy policy page. That should be simple to do, right? But I do not know how to do it.

Thank you in advance

Hi @ndigacin,

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You need this Website Link action to do that!


Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera !
Thank you for your reply but I’ve tried this before I asked for help. It did not work for me. When I click on the button it takes me to an error web page.
Is there a particular format to use for the link?

Could you share a screenshot of your setup?

Nicxon, the value that you have added is not a URL. You need include that site URL. Do you need to show these values in the app or link to a site and then show these there?

That’s exactly what happens when I put the URL. It converts/breaks it into words

Could you share that Url here or send it as a DM?

What you see there is the link that I copy/paste directly from the website. Once I paste it, it breaks it into broken words

Well! I have tried tens of different links from many websites and I got the same results:
This is the last link I tried the on in the screenshot: Accessing private data - Patterns - Human Interface Guidelines - Design - Apple Developer

Trials and errors! I just delete the https:// part of the link and it works! I’ve been fighting with this for days, man!

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Awesome! I just tried and this worked for me!


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