How to use external link

I am new to Adalo and I can’t seem to solve what seems to be a very simple problem.
I basically want to create a style app ( not even with the possibility to vote up or down). Simply a list of items with a different external link to each item. Going through the properties of a collection there isn’t a way to insert a Url for each item, just one external Url for the whole list(?).
I also tried creating another screen, which each item will lead to (as shown in most of the tutorials around) and on that screen, creating a button that will send to an external link but again, there is no such property in the lists.

Any advice?


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You can create a ‘text’ field in the collection, call it “URL” and for each news story paste the link in there.

In your list, have the action “Navigate to” and then choose ‘website’ right at the bottom. This will give you a link box:

Hit the magic text (red T) and choose ‘Current Story > URL’. Voila - you’ll open that news story in a webview (on native) or browser (PWA).

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