Open facebook link in Facebook APP

Hi every one,

I created a button that open a Weblink which is in a Field.

  • If the link is an Instagram profile link, it opens Instagram app.

  • If the link is a Facebook profile link, it opens safari/chrome app to open mobile version of Facebook :frowning:

Is there any solution to “force” to use Facebook app ?

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Hi Tom, you can use Facebook’s url scheme to deep link to the facebook app. For the button, set the action to “fb://” and it will open the facebook app. If you’re going to link to a specific page or group there’s additional parameters to add to the link. You can use websites like URL Genius to create a system to convert web links into deep links for your app.

Hey John !

Thank you very much for your feedback. Putting “fb://” in front of the action works well with fb link to open Facebook app.

My constraint is that the user fills the field. So in the same field, you can have Facebook profile link or Instagram profile link or Tik Tok profile link or whatever the social media platform … So if I freeze “fb://” in front of the action link website, it won’t work for other social link :neutral_face:

Hi, You can put a field for every social media, and show an icon"button" on where it should be displayed"to be clicked" and hide thoe who are empty with a visibility rule

Has there been a solution to this? having the same issue.

It has to be user-friendly, I do not want the user to have to fill several fields for the same function, you know.

In my menu, the user manages several fields in the same form. Even if i put 2 buttons, one for facebook and one for the other social platforms, the display of buttons placed above the form is not quite clear and doesn’t work well.

has there been no solution to the issue?

I found a solution :slight_smile:

  1. First, create 1 button with the action “open external link”.

  1. create a second button (called FB Button for ewample) with action external link : custom it with “fb://” as johnwilliams says.
  2. Put the visibility of this FB button to ‘sometimes’ and filter = concerned Field “contains” “facebook”

  1. on your screen, place your new “FB button” above the first one. And click on arrange / Bring to Front

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You can play with the colors of the button if you want :slight_smile: With adalo there is some layer problem when you want to overlay some components. I let you find the right place.

I hope it helps you.


I will try to get this solution for my self.
I have a follow-up question somewhat unrelated, will send you a message hopefully you will see it.
Thank you.