Other payment methods than stripe

I recently submitted an application to the app store for the release of my app.

However, it was rejected for the following reasons.

Guideline 3.1.1 - Business - Payments - In-App Purchase

We noticed that your app or its metadata enables the purchase of content, services, or functionality in the app by means other than the in-app purchase API, which is not appropriate for the App Store.

  • We found credit card entry for ticket.

Next Steps

If the purchasable content, functionality, or services are intended to be used in the app, they must be purchased using the in-app purchase API.

If your app offers digital services and content that are purchasable across multiple platforms, you may allow customers to access the content they acquired outside the app provided it is also available for purchase using the in-app purchase API. Please review Guideline 3.1.3(b) Multiplatform Services for more information.

If you have any additional information to provide regarding the digital content and services in your app and how the guidelines apply to them, please reply to this message in Resolution Center and let us know. If there is information you’d like us to consider in our review of future submissions, please feel free to include it in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect.I recently submitted an application to the app store for the release of my app.

Can you solve this problem?

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Apple will let you use Stripe for purchase of physical goods and services, otherswise you need to use Apple’s In App Payments system, which we don’t support yet, but you can vote for here: https://ideas.adalo.com/component-requests/p/in-app-digital-purchases-with-apple-google

Thanks, Ben.

I have voted this!

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