OverRide back button

Hello, i am here to announce to you about my new component which override the back button with any action from adalo. New component to override the back button - YouTube

When you say, the back button you mean the Android “physical” back button on the device not in the app? If so, this is another awesome component. I always tried to stay away from having actions associated with the back button due to the fact the physical button could be pressed and ultimately avoid your intended actions.

How do we get it :slight_smile: ?

Yeah i mean the physical back button as seen in the video, my question for you you want to block that back button?

Awesome! No it was more being able to apply the same actions to the device back button, as the app back button, which seems this is what you have here right?

Yeah right.

That’s great! How do you plan to make it available :slight_smile: ?

For more info feel free to PM me