🐒 Page List | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

A new component from NoCode Monkey!!

Page List

  • Choose number of items to display
  • Search functionality option
  • Two different page menu options

See Demo
Time Picker (17)


Hi Michael,

Looks good!
Can this be used as a custom list, or is the setup fixed?


@StevenU The list has this specific layout (similar to Adalo’s “Simple List”)

A “Custom List” like Adalo’s isn’t possible at the moment.

We could however create a list with your specific requirements if that’s something you are needing.

Let me know if you need a custom component.
Feel free to DM me.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks! Good to know. I’ll keep in mind that you do custom components. Will probably need that in the future :slight_smile: Changing everything around to much atm to have a ‘fixed’ design.