Pagination on lists don’t work

I’ve opened a ticket on this topic on 7th October on this topic, which was closed without solving the issue, so reopening the ticket since this is an impediment to my project.

Below you can find the original text of my ticket:

"I have a list of items on the home screen for which I’ve setted the option to load items as user scrolls.
I doesn’t work, it will only load 20 items and that’s it.
Very easy to reproduce, all you need is a list with more then 20 items.

I would really appreciate if someone could investigate this as it is a major blocker

Hi @miloi_ionut,

Could you try deleting and re-adding the list?

Hi @pfordmedia,

I did that and the issue persists.
For a custom list, if I set to load items as user scrolls, only 20 items will ever be displayed

When I initially opened a ticket on this issue @Colin was able to reproduce and confirm the issue