Pass Variables to Web App

Is there a way to pass variables to a web app?

Not out of the box, but you could either use the deep linking component, or the javascript component we built. Our marketplace went offline Friday and we have not repaired it yet, so you will need to either manually install it from github or sign up for the mailchimp to know when we come back online


This is very helpful. Thanks, TKOTC!
Signed up with MailChimp.
I am not familiar with installing codes from github. Where can I find help on that?
Thanks again!

You can find instructions to do it yourself here

But if nodejs and npm/yarn are terms you are unfamiliar with, just hold tight. I spoke to Adalo Friday and they should be finished the solution proposed here imminently, and if they don’t I will fix the server by the end of the week myself.


I will give that a try. Thanks!!!

Hi @ITWill I click your link but they did not open . I don’t understand your question Are you want to pass data between web application.
Or you want to pass variable to a single web apps.

Sorry for the late reply. That is just a sample URL. I am trying to pass variables to a single Web App.

I get all the way to step (5). When I enter npx adalo login, I got an error message “/usr/bin/env: bash\r: No such file or directory” :frowning:

@ITWill the Marketplace is Online again and you can download Prgamaflow Components easily!

Thank you so much! It is much easier. But just for my curiosity, do you know why I am getting the "/usr/bin/env: bash\r: No such file or directory” error when trying the “npx adalo login”? Thanks

Your Welcome!

Not sure! I see that, that the post you are trying to follow is post by James (@James_App_Maker ) that he might be able to help here! Or other Component Developers will help here!

Good Luck :muscle:

Thank you

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