Passing Query Parameters in API between 2 Adalo apps

Hi all – running into a wall here as I try to pull in some data from one app to another all within Adalo.

I’m trying to pull in a list of “events” that all have the “Status” = “Active”. I’ve tried every which way to pass the query parameters with caps, not caps, quotes, etc. But the list just isn’t filtering out to only show the “Active” events. Wondering if someone can help me sort this out.

I added the query parameter to the end of my API URL here:

Then I added the Query Parameter “Status” with the value “Active”:

Based on the data I have:

It should be eliminating one result from the query. But instead, I’m getting all 4 records in my list:

I feel like this shouldn’t be that complicated but I’m not sure what else to try here. Would love some support if anyone can offer it.

Hi @farhankhera,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

As far as I’m aware Unfortunately , You can’t filter the data that you got from another Adalo app collection from API ( Collections API ).

This will be a feature request :

One solution will be create the 2nd app with that 1st app database with the share database feature and then you get the same database and records in both apps!

Thank you