Query parameter Syntax for filtering collections from API

Hi everybody,

I have read most of the threads concerning collections from API and I can’t find the answer.

I made my own API which has a way to specify a parameter named “episodename”
Below a screenshot from postman giving the result (1 item) that I expect in Adalo.

In Adalo I tried to pass this parameter within the query parameter :

But it doesnt work. In Adalo, it displays the list of all the items. As if my query was not taken into account.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong ?

In that example, the Name of the query parameter should be set to “episodename” and the Value should be set to “Friendss05e13”

Hi Ben
Thank you for your quick answer I appreciate.
Nope it doesnt work either.

Here is my database reached through my api

Here is the query in adalo :

I still have all the items returned in the list :

If you look at the url in the screenshot from postman above, my url specifies a route : “wordsperepisode?”. where should I put it in Adalo ?

Hi Felix,

You have to put the value between “” so instead of Friendss05e13 it must be “Friendss05e13”.

Have a go and let us know.


Hi Fransisco
Thank you for your answer.
Nope it doesnt work.

I also tried with a simplified version of my API (where Adalo just have to past the value after the url)

But still it keeps returning me the list of all items.
By the way I am surprised it does since I would expect to bug/return an error message in case the url is not correct. Or an empty list. Did Adalo made that in case of error the whole list is returned?

I tried this :

and that (with nothing for the name)

Try value


even though I see the column name is episode so try


I tried the following and none works


Fransisco, did you yourself succeed doing it ?
I guess there is a single syntax but I can’t find any real example I could copy. (and nothing in the documentation)

@Ben Maybe you could give us an hint on how the url is concatenated so I can adapt the Name and the value accordingly ?

@FelixWat the issue is that your base URL doesn’t include everything you have in your screenshot.

Currently, you have your external collection’s base url set to:

So, when you add a query param filter to your list, it will make the call to this URL:

However, your original screenshot shows that you’re trying to request this URL:https://pxapi20200331153446.azurewebsites.net/v1/word/wordsperepisode?episodename=Friendss05e13

Hi @Ben
Thank you for your prompt answer again.

Ok I changed my api so it now works ! :slight_smile:
So as a recap for some users having this question in the future, Adalo is doing : URL+"?"+{Query Parameter Name}+{Query Parameter Value}


How exactly would you insert this in the query parameters filters sidebar?

A screenshot would be helpful.

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