External collection query param works?

Cant make external collection query param works. It simply does not filter. I got the collection from another app inside adalo. Please help!!
Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 12.30.20

Hi @oswaldoguerra27,

Check the Documentation of the API that you have connected! I believe they have added how to filter the data!

Thank you

It was supposed to filter putting the Parameter and Value as in the screenshot. But I tried many ways and nothing. :disappointed:

Is it possible you to share the API details with us?

Endpoint: https://api.adalo.com/v0/apps/470cfc88-45a1-439f-beb1-97046413d5ee/collections/t_53x1xnrm327sve63ohbxezw2y

What else do you need? Its a collection from another app I developed.

Hi @oswaldoguerra27,

Got it! Thanks for the information!

Currently filters are not supported when using Adalo collections as External collections, unfortunately! You can add this as a feature request!

Check this post by Ben!

I don’t believe this is supported at this time, but would be a great feature request!

Thank you