Password validation

Hi there, is there a easy possibility to put in password security? What i mean is: While signing up, a user is forced to have a password with upper and lower cases, as well as numbers, special characters and a specific lengh?

I think as logging in is essential for nearly every app and security as well it should be a standard component in adalo, but sadly it isn’t. I’m currently using the “password reveal” component from nocode-monkey but it sadly has currently some bugs (some android user are getting white screens after pressing the login button) so i’m currently looking for a short term alternative untill it is fixed.

NoCode Monkey has a wonderful component for this:

:wink: Sadly due to this bug I need the workaround. My app currently has 2.000 Users and we have over 50 reports of users with the “white screen problem” and we tried several ways with our testers also - it is definitely the component.

The component from @Michael itself works great and I am happy to use and would recommed it to everyone here :slight_smile: (when its bug-free again :wink: )

Have you reached out to @Michael for support with this? I’ve not experienced this bug.

Yes, like two weeks ago via the nomonkey-contact form and some hours ago again via DM here in the forum

Hey @mazze ,
I just got your dm message on the forum from earlier today.

As far as I know there isn’t a bug (you’re the first person I’ve had mention a problem.)

I’ll follow up with you on your DM and see if we can get to the bottom of it.


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