Make Stronger Passwords - New Custom Component

Hey Everyone,

I have some BIG NEWS.
We have created a store for Custom Adalo Components!! :shopping:

We have many components in the pipeline and our first one is pretty cool.

Input Validator
:lock:Force Strong Passwords
:lock:Exclude Spaces and other Characters
:lock:Set Minimum Character Limits
:lock:For more advanced users: Set Restrictions w/ Regex

There are so many more uses for this too.

No more 1 character passwords.

Check us out at
Or send me a DM if you have questions.


If anyone has addition components they would like to see, let us know as well.

Much needed! Thanks!

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@Michael since you asked :slight_smile: I have this component request that will solve any type of deep linking from mobile apps to web apps… There was actually another component in the marketplace at some point but was removed due to bugs, and it’s impossible for people to let their users share any type of content from the app (which is almost ridiculous).

A component that would 1) generate a link in the share menu (unique per record) 2) redirect visitors to that record through a browser. This would enable anyone to share deep links for specific profile pages, posts, stores, products or anything necessary.


I’ll look into this. Thanks for the suggestion.

yeah @Michael this would make Adalo way more better then it is right now, even the most simplest apps have deep links.

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