Paying for help: Using Javascript or cURL to get authentication tokens (with

Hi, we are trying to do an API integration with “easy” content API connection only return the free articles.
If we want to return the paid articles via API, we first need to authenticate via another API first.
We need to:

  1. Authenticate with an Admin API
  2. Get a temporary token via Javascript
  3. Use that temporary token to get the paid content

We are having difficulties with:

  1. How to run payload and headers in Javascript inside adalo? is it possible?
  2. How to run the cURL (see image below) as a custom action or how could we run this using Pragmaflow’s arbitrary JS component

thank you

PS: if you solve this, you get paid $70 right away. I’ve paid for whoever solves this on nocodeshare

Uploading: Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 11.03.18 AM.png…

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