Paying the 50/mo

Free user gets 50 lines… The 50/mo plan gives 5gb total or per app? Sorry for that question but I wasn’t so sure about that…

This is exactly what I’m also wanting to know. It gives me a good idea on how I could scale. Also, it would be interesting to know as I want to implement chat within my application as well.

If you choose $50/month you will get 5GB total for the whole account

Yup I understand that, but 5gb equates to how many rows in the DB?

I think around 5000-10000 rows but i’m not sure

5gb is a pretty massive amount of text data.

A couple months back Adalo had said that every app ever created and being used at that point in Adalo used less than 5GB total (all of them together).

Don’t worry about space to get started is my advice, IF your app turns out to be a huge success and you have thousands of users creating tons of content each day etc etc and you hit the limit, then is a good time to worry about it.

Talk to your target market about what they need and what their pain points are, build out a small MVP to validate what you think the problem and solution is. Get people using it (not always easy). Grow, then when you start to hit DB limits worry about it.

Only difference I think is if your app was VERY photo heavy (and Adalo processes photos now to save space) - then you might hit the limit earlier obviously, but the advice above still stands.